Prescription Renewals, Anne M. Gillies MD FRCP(C)

If you need a renewal of medications prescribed by Dr Gillies to last to the next appointment, please call your pharmacy and ask them to fax a renewal request to us at 613 260-9333, at least one week before the current prescription will run out.

This allows time for the prescription renewal to be sent to us, signed, sent back and filled by the pharmacy.  Check in with your pharmacy to ensure that they have received the signed authorization.  Sometimes delays may be caused by problems with fax machines.  This can result in frustration as it may appear that either the pharmacy or the doctor’s office is not following through.  We are often told that ‘the pharmacy told me they sent it’, when in fact no request has been received here.

If the pharmacy is unable to reach us by fax or phone for an immediate need, in most cases the pharmacist has the discretion to advance a short term supply until the authorization is provided.  If the pharmacist is unwilling or unable to provide a renewal, you may contact the doctor who referred you to us and ask them to provide a renewal.

If our office is closed due to holidays, coverage is usually provided by another physician.

We are unable to provide authorization for medications not prescribed by Dr Gillies or continue to provide renewals for patients no longer followed here on a regular basis.  In this case, please follow-up with the prescribing physician.